About us

It was just wonderful but unexpected that cats started to be a part of our life. Since the very beggining every moment with them has been magic. Every cat has a unique personality, various customs and totally different ways of communication.

After a wonderful year of taking care of our neutered cats, studying their habbits we started to dream about breeding them. We would like the kittens that will start their life in our home to grow healthy, happy and socialized. We are convinced that proper relation between a cat and a man is established at the beginning of their life and this is our role to work on it and succeed.

We are information scientists, have an adult daughter, who take great care of animals during our absence.

Our heros

LAYLA - The lady. Always close to people but keeps distance to cats.

MORGUL - The cat with a magic sight. He welcomes all the quests at the door.

MISIEK - Sport fan always ready for running and jumping to a rod with feathers.

SMOCZYCA - Despite of dragon appetite she is the quickest and the most agile cat. The morning hugger.

TOBAGO - Creamy Casanova. Aware of his exceptional charm. Great gift from the Fortune!

RAVELKA - A breeder's dream :)

IPANEMA - French Queen - lovely treasure :)

THULA - Our Destiny, second generation of Una Voce

YODA - Swedish Prince, pure love :)

Clubs and associations

We are a member of EKKR Association, which is a part of Felis Polonia Federation, a member of Fédération Intenational Féline.

Enjoy the time on our website

Izabela i Rafał Miłkowscy

Ravel - breeder's dream ;)

Thula- second " cat daughter"

Yoda called a Prince ;)

Ipanema - ideal kitten :)

Smoczyca - dragon apetite

Tobago - creamy Casanova

Misiek - a friend of dogs

Morgul - a magic cat

Layla - almost like a lady

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