Breeding priorities

First of all we are just people loving all our cats than breeders. It means that no decission that could serve breeding purposes but makes harm to our cats could be taken.

At the start of our breeing way we are sure that we should do our best to preserve the exceptional appearance close their origin . The most important for us is wonderful expression where wildness in eyes and strong body come close to friendly attitude towards other animals and people.

The second aim is to grow up the most socialized kittens fully prepared to live healthy and happy life with new properly chosen people. Kittens should grow up close to us at every phase of their life. Careful observation, stimulation - proper to age and possibilities - constitue the basis.

We will do our best to participate in shows but the most important for us are judges' opinions than certificates and titles (anyway BIS is nice). Nethertheless, the possibility to talk with other breeders and see NFO from different breeding lines is valuable and pleasant.


We take care of all our cats and test them against GSDIV, HCM, PK-Def, PKD, CIN, FELV & FIV. We don't forget about blood tests especially before the mating. The results will be shown on other breeders demand in case of matings planned or sale of a kitten to other catteries. We keep in breeding program only cat which are not even carriers of GSD IV or PK-DEF. We not only take care of breeding cats but also pets to do aut best to assure good health for years.

Cats and kittens in every day life

Our cats have no limits in exploring our house. Although they have their own room properly equiped and open all the time with direct access to the rest of our house, they prefer to be close and accopany us either preparing a meal in the kitchen or play on a cat scratcher in the main room. The majority of them sleep with us at least half a night ;) During first weeks the kittens stay with their mum close to us in our bedroom, so that we could take care and the mum could feel comfortable and safe.

Although our dogs are calm and cat friendly we keep them outside the territory of cats during our absence. But we socialize cats with them when kittens start exploring the house. We plan a big catruns at the back of our house with our terrace where cats could play during our presence at home. But it would be accesible on their demand, not as a basic accomodation.

Best practices in feeding

We feed our cats taking into consideration their health first and then their prefererences. Dry food (Orijen, Applaws, 1choice) are still available, but adults receive also 2 times a day wet food: BARF (Biologically Raw Food - prepared by myself) or tins (Almo Nature, Animoda, Feline Porta 21, Applaws) with the whole pieces of meat only and additional delicacy as shrimps, yolk or white cheese in the meantime. Kittens are accustomed to different sorts of food: dry and wet in order to assure well-balance, health and stomach insensible to changes.


Our garden (more than 2000 sqm)

Snaphop of one side of a garden from 1 floor

A place for catrun that will be ready before the spring 2013

Newborn kittens are close to us in bedroom

Adults take care of babies (Tobago & daughter)

Cat room is mainly interesting for kittens ;)

No place without cats ;)

Morning coffee with cats ;)

Kittens are not afraid of friendly dogs

Even love between dogs & cats happens ;)

No place for a nap is forbidden :)

There are some fans of plastic bowls ;)

The higher the better :)

There is a time for showing and wins ;)

...and the rest after the show

But walk (under control) is a great pleasure, too ;)

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