to a small Norwegian Forest Cats cattery settled in Wrocław (Poland). Our first Norwegian Forest Cat was just a wonderful fortune, two subsequent "norwegians" in our home resulted from true fascination, while the decision to breed these cats is a consequence of our extending passion.

More about us, our breeding plans and most of all about our cats you can see on our website or on Facebook. Read more...


- 26th June, 2016 -

Thula and Yoda kittens :)

Thula and Yoda kittens are developing very well. Weights are very good, we help mother a little to feed them, but in general Thula is in very good condition and managed with feeding and cleaning kittens!

- 20th, June 2016 -

8 weeks old Explorers!

Welcome to see new pictures of 8-weeks old kittens of Yoda & Ravel :) Zagadka, Zafira, Zoltar, Zowee and Zazula :)

- 12th June, 2016 -

7 weeks old kittens :)

- 6th June, 2016 -

6-weeks old kittens :)

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