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F*Ipanema de l'Eperon

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My Love, My Dream & My Destiny. First - there was a huge love for her mother Hekla de l'Eperon And from that time on.. there was a strong convince that she will give birth to a kitten for me.

Before Hekla I chose Alexandra for being "my breeder" because I love the way she is breeding, her approach to health issues and her taste. We have the same way of thinking about the welfare of cats and breeding priorities.

I love Ipanema's pedigree, not only wonderful mother Hekla de l'Eperon but her father Feragen des Iles Lofoten has stunning look. I have found him on internet even before Hekla, then I had a great possibility to see his mother Blåsippa des Iles Lofoten and father Charybde de Laïloken - it was great experience! The parents of Hekla: Quiroga Jakobusland and Geirrod de l'Eperon have been admired by me on pictures thousands of times (pixel by pixel). Dream matings! My love doesn't stop on grandparents I admire many cats in lines behind and I am proud of having the female with such a pedigree.

But first of all I love Ipanema who is just a real treasure. I cannot stop looking at her. The whole family is fascinated by her look and personality. Great socialization. Ipanema has no fear about anything. She behaves as if she was born here. Sleeps on my face and comes quickly when her name is called. Purring skills were turned on just at once and is lovely unexpectedly loud Love it!

Thank you so much Alexandra Besson for entrusting me with Ipanema and your kindness, frienship, patience for not lasting discusions and great welcome in France!

status:  neutered female

color: NFO f 09 22 - black tortie tabby blotched and white

born: 12.09.2013  L'Eperon

mother: F*Hekla de l'Eperon /f 09/

father: F*Feragen des Iles Lofoten /a 09 23/

litters: too early for plans

test results: 

GSDIV: neg/neg (parents free)
PK-Def - neg/neg (parents free)
HCM - negative (11.2014), parents also tested
PKD - negative (11.2014)
FIV, FELV - negative (11.2014)
CIN - negative (11.2014)


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