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Layla Atlas*PL

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First Norwegian Forest Cat in our home... first cat in my life. First in everything even now... to be nourished and embraced. Perpetual chatterer. Thinks that "the most important for a cat is... a man". She loves being scratched under the chin and close to ears :) and that's how she can always be bought over. The owner of the most impressive tail always proudly exhibited when our star walks about.

status:  female

color: NFO n 09 23 (black mackerel tabby with white)

born: 25.08.2010 Atlas*PL  

mother: GIC Arwena Atlas*PL, DM (n 09 23)

father: GIC Fafnir Gaissa*PL (n 22)


test results: 

GSD IV - neg/neg,
HCM - normal (12.2012),
PKD - neg. (12.2012)


Althought beautiful Layla dislikes crowdy places, so she will not be taken to shows. Welcome to watch her album!

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