Our breeding cats come from

Adsum*PL - home cattery of Dragon Lady
z Alinatu*PL - home cattery of Tobago
l'Eperon*FR - Home cattery of Ipanemka
S*Timeda's - home cattery of Yoda

Other NFO catteries

S*Tigerögas   - NFO catteries all other the world
DK*Lindvig  - cattery in Denmark, where Zafira Una Voce lives
von Nebra  - cattery in Germany, where Tarantino Una Voce lives
IT*Riverdance  - cattery in Italy, where Thula Una Voce lives
Tyberina  - cattery in Lappersdor (Germany)
Cattery de l'Eperon  - in Donzère (South France)
Cattery des Iles Lofoten  - in Cysoing (North France)
Milanor*PL - cattery in Olsztyn
Taurandir*PL - cattery in Kraków
Makaranta*PL - cattery in Rokietnica/ near Poznań
Leśny Skrzacik*PL - litter "O", cattery in Plock, where Orfo - the son of Tobago - lives
Nordrasill*PL - cattery in Szczecin, where Vibeke - the daughter of Tobago - lives
Vendellek*PL - cattery in Łódź, where Vendel and Vega - the children of Tobago - live
Ewadar'S*PL - cattery in Łuków
Kocie Zakamarki*PL - cattery in Palędzie/ near Poznań

Our baner

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