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T Litter - 16.04.2014

Our dream litter :) First red, first tabbies, all sorts of tabbies :) All children are well developped and in very good condition. Ravel is tested for HCM, PKD, CIN, FELV, FIV + blood general test. And she is GSDIV and PKDef negative by parents. Cobol is tested for HCM, FELV, FIV and is GSDIV free and has been just tested for PKDef with super result (negative/negative).


Tamino Una Voce*PL

Although Tamino showed the way to his siblings he is very calm and patient boy :)

He has the smallest amount of white and this feature helped us in recognizing him in the group.

Although his coat pattern differs from his father's we call him "Little Cobol" :)

He prefers to show us a belly and to hug our fingers than to take new trips around mother & grandma :)

Sex: male

Color: NFO d 09 24 - red spotted tabby with white

138g / 2200g (15 weeks)

Status: lives in Wrocław with Tornado

Tarantino Una Voce*PL

Tarantino was born as the huggest boy in the litter.

He has long white socks and resembles his sister Thula. We recognize them thanks to different sorts of tabby and little white spot over Tarantino's left leg :)

Very promising boy, full of joy and always ready to play!

Sex: male

Color: NFO d 09 23 - red mackerel tabby with white

150g / 2400g (15 weeks)

Status: lives in von Nebra cattery in Germany/Essen

Thaya Una Voce*PL

Thaya is a female with excellent juicy classic pattern on her body :)

Although she was born as the littlest child, her weight is big and Thaya is developing in the same way as brothers. She has "go ahead" attitude and manages very well with her siblings :)

Thaya is a traveler by heart, she prefers to see new places, to overcome new challanges than to look at safe place close to mother's belly :)Very communicative, focus on us, likes touch and human presence!

Sex: female

Color: NFO d 09 22 - red tabby blotched with white

118g / 2700g (18 weeks)

Status: lives in IT*Riverdance cattery in Italy/Comabbio

Tornado Una Voce*PL

Tornado was born as the only black kitten but it is not the main feature that makes him noticeable.

He is the biggest child now and promisses to keep it in the future. But like in other "Big Bears" cases he is affectionate boy who needs and knows how to demand attention from his mother or grandma!

Sweet Giant with amazing strong features!

Sex: male

Color: NFO n 09 23 - black spotted tabby with white

146g / 2300g (15 weeks)

Status: lives in Wrocław with Tamino

Thula Una Voce*PL

Thula previously named Telesfora changed her name because she is very subtle, not in weight but in her behaviour and look. She is not in a hurry, can wait for her turn for milk or kisses from Ravel :)

She has long white socks and gloves and is similar to Tarantino very much. If any kitten suddenly climbs on our hands it is for sure Thula - always ready for hugging!

Sex: female

Color: NFO d 09 23 - red mackerel tabby with white

126g/ 2900g (18 weeks)

Status: stays with us :)

Kittens' status

  • Available – still looking for a loving and responsible family
  • On hold– we consider keeping the kitten in the cattery but he/she may be available in the future, you may ask for the kitten anyway
  • Option – interest has been shown we are waiting for final decision but you may still ask for a kitten
  • Booked – found a new right home

Important information

Kittens stay with us until at least 14 weeks and during that time they are two times vaccinated, dewormed several times and get a microchip.

Kittens would leave our home:

  • with FIFé pedigree,
  • with health book & certificate,
  • with EU passport

We assure a written contract with the transfer of ownership. We only sell kittens with a FIFé pedigree. No kittens are sold without a personal contact and all kittens must be picked up personally. All kittens have lifelong personal support from us.

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