Litter's details

V litter - 1.02.2015

Kittens are born :) Both parents are healthy and tested for: GSD IV, PK-Def, HCM, PKD, FELV & FIV. Huge thanks for chance of this mating goes to Cobol's owners - Anna & Rafał Lewandowscy (Makaranta*PL)


Vesper Una Voce*PL

VESPER - Red 'flame' on her head' and big red tailtip

Sex: female

Color: NFO f 09 22 - black tortie with white tabby blotched (red tailtip)

102 g (ur.) / 1640 g (14 weeks)

Status: lives in Opole with Vamuria

Venturio Una Voce*PL

VENTURIO - Mr 'Big white paws'

Sex: male

Color: NFO n 09 22 - black tabby blotched with white

102 g (ur.) / 1850 g (14 weeks)

Status: lives in Ostrów Wlkp. with Vampirio

Voltaire Una Voce*PL

VOLTAIRE - Beautifully painted on his belly

Sex: male

Color: NFO n 22 - black tabby blotched

100 g (ur.) / 2000 g (14 weeks)

Status: lives near Choszczno

Vamuria Una Voce*PL

VAMURIA - Maybe next Thaya?

Sex: female

Color: NFO d 09 22 - red tabby blotched with white

102 g (ur.) / 1660 g (14 weeks)

Status: lives in Opole with Vesper

Vampirio Una Voce*PL



Color: NFO d 24 - red spotted tabby

100 g (ur.) / 2200 g (14 weeks)

Status: booked

Kittens' status

  • Available – still looking for a loving and responsible family
  • On hold– we consider keeping the kitten in the cattery but he/she may be available in the future, you may ask for the kitten anyway
  • Option – interest has been shown we are waiting for final decision but you may still ask for a kitten
  • Booked – found a new right home

Important information

Kittens stay with us until at least 14 weeks and during that time they are two times vaccinated, dewormed several times and get a microchip.

Kittens would leave our home:

  • with FIFé pedigree,
  • with health book & certificate,
  • with EU passport

We assure a written contract with the transfer of ownership. We only sell kittens with a FIFé pedigree. No kittens are sold without a personal contact and all kittens must be picked up personally. All kittens have lifelong personal support from us.

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