- 30th November 2013 -

Ravel's start in open class

It was a special show for me because I wanted Ravel – out future queen – to be judged one more time after almost half a year break. It was just a happy coincidence that the same judge Raymond Alessandro Saetre judged her and gave BIV and nomination for Best In Show when she was 4 months old kitten and now in Warsaw after almost a year he had to judge her one more time.

I was very important for me because the result of judgement could proof that our decision of keeping Ravel was appropriate. I have never listened to such a good description of my cat, word “excellent” was like music on my heart :) Ravel received not only her first certificate but Best In Variety that is a great success on her first show in open class :) We are more than happy :)

- 15th November 2013 -

Best In Show for our Blue Bear

It was unplanned but we decided to go to the show in Poznań. The result was happier than we could have predicted. Our Vemund Ice Moon received Best In Show fighting with many beautiful maine coons and became Grand International Premior that day :) Our girl Una Voce Adsum received next certificate for Grand International Champion title :)

Our Teddy Bear was just playing even in BIS Panel
Our friend Alina (the breeder of Tobago) keeping our Teddy Bear :)
Great success :)
Our Lady during judgement :)
- 11th November, 2013 -

Sonia in new home

I haven’t been written so long so I have some news to talk about :)

First of all our Sonia Una Voce is in her forever home living with another young NFO female. A dream solution for me, because girls quickly became friends and are under lovely care of new owners.

Sonia is living in our town so I hope to have the possibility of meeting her from time to time. Good luck and happiness, my Heart!

- 3rd October 2013 -

Sonia is searching new owners

Sometimes it happens - although new home for a kitten is chosen properly but a kitten cannot go there for some reasons. That's why our Sonia is searching new owners. She is ready to change home. Welcome to watch her pictures.

Her parents are healthy and tested for GSDIV, HCM, PKD, CIN, PK-Def, FELV, FIV and FeCoV.

If you are interested, please contact via e-mail or phone.

W jednym z szablonów Ditto występują brakujące placeholdery, przejrzyj poniższy szablon:    W jednym z szablonów Ditto występują brakujące placeholdery, przejrzyj poniższy szablon:
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