- 9th March 2013 -

Prague - cat show and meeting with Remiś

It was the first cat show abroad for our Tobago, Smoczyca and Misiek. Our cats got excellent results: Tobago became International Champion and got next certificate. Smoczyca received the same title and in both days she was nominated to BIS. Meanwhile Misiek obtained last certificate for International Premior, was in two days nominated to Best In Show and finished the show with Best In Show win :)

Outstanding emotions, pride and happiness :) The most touching moment was when during judgement our Misiek was taken by the judge in front of the public and presented as an excellent example of "true NFO" :) what you can find on pictures attached. The rest of cat show pictures in the gallery.

There was a special moment in Prague because we have the opportunity to see our Remis living there with his sweet owner Adelka, her mother Jana and with Emanek - talking parrot. We brought Misiek for the meeting. At the beggining Remiś treated him as an enemy, but after a while they were playing like at home :)

You can see some pictures from the meeting here, the rest of them we put in children gallery.

Tobago during judgement
Smoczyca - my brave girl :)
Misiek - the showman
Misiek in judge's arms :)
Adelka is hugging Remiś :)
Remiś is defending his territory
"Little" Remiś :)
Emanek - talking parrot
- 5th March 2013 -

Show in Brzeg

We are practicing before the show in Prague, so last weekend we were in Brzeg where our Una Voce Adsum*PL got next certrificate to International Champion with great judge's description and statement. We are proud and happy. More pictures in the gallery.

Purring Una Voce :)
The safest place during the show :)
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