- 22nd April, 2014 -

Lucky home with 6 days old kittens

Ravel's children are 6 days old :) They are developing in fantastic way, bellies are full of milk, Ravel is taking a great care. Apart from feeding them she started to teach them speaking in "her" language. Ravel is very talkative girl and it sounds sweety and we love listening her voice :)

We check the sex of kittens and there is no doubt that Thaya is not the only female in this litter. Telesfor is the second one :) So till we find a proper name she will be called Telesfora :)

There is one more surprise: we have updated Cobol's page with new pictures and videos in courtesy of Anna Lewandowska - Cobol's breeder and the pictures of the date of Ravel and Cobol :).

New pictures in albums: group images, Tamino, Thaya, Telesfora, Tarantino and Tornado.

Tabby blotched, mackerel or spotted - every tabby in one litter ;)
- 16th April, 2014 -

First Ravel's babies are happily born :)

We proudly announce that Wednesday morning first Ravel's babies have been born :)

Proud father is SE*Seerath's Cobol - stunning boy from Makaranta cattery. We thank a lot Anna and Rafał Lewandowcy for the possibility of such a dream mating with their wonderful boy!

How gorgeous Cobol is you can see on this page and of course on Makaranta cattery webpage. We can only add that he has charming temper and make a great impression on those who could see him :)

Cobol is very well balanced and has a strong body, great coat with beautiful color and what we admire the most is his expression! His pedigree shows excellent ancestors just admired by us and with the best NFO qualities!

This beautiful mating between Ravel Una Voce*PL and SE*Seerath's Cobol gives us these very promising babies:

TAMINO Una Voce - male - NFO d 09 24 - birth weight: 138g

TARANTINO Una Voce - male - NFO d 03/09 23 - birth weight: 150g

THAYA Una Voce - female - NFO d 09 22 - birth weight: 118g

TORNADO Una Voce - male - NFO n 09 23 - birth weight: 146g

TELESFOR Una Voce - male - NFO d 03/09 23 - birth weight: 126g

Big children, very well balanced, strong in apperance and in behaviour. We are not sure if Thaya is the only female, but we will be able to check it properly in close future.

We promise to share many pictures and information. Stay tuned! :)

Tamino Una Voce - male - d 09 24
Tarantino Una Voce - male - d 03 23
Thaya Una Voce - female - d 09 22
Tornado Una Voce - male - n 09 23
Telesfor Una Voce - male - d 03 23
Just after the birth :)
First feeding :)
- 15th April, 2014 -

Just before the birth of Ravel's Kittens :)

We are just before the birth of first Ravel babies. Everything is prepared and we are following her every step. Today she mainly sleeps but until now, despite her pregnancy, she tried to get as high as possible.

Ravel had ultrasound test and the examination revealed that babies were well developed and everything was correct. We believe that she may have five or six babies, so we call her "Sevencats".

Keep your fingers crossed!

- 14th April, 2013 -

Our Great Cosset - Ipanema

Usually we take many pictures of our cats. I have just realized that Ipanema is the cat with the smallest picture gallery. The reason is simple. She is all the time so close that it is almost impossible to take pictures of her. When we are taking the camera she is running to us as quicky as possible :) So the most of her pictures are taken when she is sleeping :)

I did my best to make some of them to show how beauty Ipanema is :) Here she is:

W jednym z szablonów Ditto występują brakujące placeholdery, przejrzyj poniższy szablon:    W jednym z szablonów Ditto występują brakujące placeholdery, przejrzyj poniższy szablon:
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