- 22nd July, 2014 -

Only Thula and Thaya are available

I am proud and happy to announce that Tamino will be living with Tornado - they love each other, play together and their tempers fit perfectly :)

So only Thaya and Thula are available :)

- 22nd July, 2014 -

We have still 3 kittens available :)

Tarantino and Tornado are preparing for leaving us - we are not sad at all because we know they will be happy in new families :)

The rest of kittens are still available. Maybe in some weeks we will decide about breeding future of Thula. Her profile is developing as in case of her mother previously. Other features are just great - she is still the biggest kitten, with great triangle, super ears well placed and ended with long tufts, she will be a strong female and with super temper and excellent expression. But if a super family who will want her just as pet will happen we will not insist on breeding because the most important is a family not our breeding expectations ;).

Welcome to see new pictures of all kittens :)

- 7th July, 2014 -

We are playing with tape

We have taken some pictures this evening. It is very hot so we sleep a lot. Okej, when it comes to plaiyng with tape we are ready.

We are good kittens. We, for instance, neither bite not claw people's fingers. So they are very happy with us.

Thank you, I am Thaya - welcome to our gallery :)

We are playing with tape
Tamiś my brother - a very nice kitten
It's me Thaya
Thulka, my sister - she is beautiful isn't she
Tornado took a very important place
W jednym z szablonów Ditto występują brakujące placeholdery, przejrzyj poniższy szablon:    W jednym z szablonów Ditto występują brakujące placeholdery, przejrzyj poniższy szablon:
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