- 22 August, 2014 -

Our Tarantino in von Nebra cattery in Germany :)

Two weeks ago our Tarantino started new life in von Nebra Cattery :)

Happily for us Tarantino's new Owner regards breeding priorities in the same way as we do, cats are a part of the family - what is very important for us. From the first moment Tarantino felt as he had been born there and there was no problem in his joining the cat group. We find it very important. The whole litter has amazing tempers so we are very proud when new families appreciate it.

Happy life, Tarantino, my Sweet Teddy Bear :) and for new Owners - I wish Tarantino will fulfill your expectations both as a breeding male and also as a company :) All the best .. and I hope we will see in the future! :)

- 21st August, 2014 -

Tamino and Tornado together in new home :)

Beautiful moment when we can see our beloved kittens living together in new home :) Happy with new owners who take great care of them - all home is secure and full of toys and new Family loves Tornado and Tamino very much :) I wish new Owners and our Treasures a lot of happiness together!

W jednym z szablonów Ditto występują brakujące placeholdery, przejrzyj poniższy szablon:    W jednym z szablonów Ditto występują brakujące placeholdery, przejrzyj poniższy szablon:
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