- 2nd November, 2014 -

Thaya in Italy :)

Just after World Show in Prague, Thaya started journey to her new home in Italy.

We are very happy and proud that Thaya lives in IT*Riverdance cattery. Thaya quickly adapted to the new home and its wonderful inhabitants (people and cats :). Stefania Brini's home is a place full of love, where cats are members of the family.

Good bye little Thaya. See you on shows. May be one day we will visit you. :)

Thaya in our cage on WCS
Thaya meets new owners :)
Such moments make me sentimental.. I am getting old :)
With new friend in new home
Thaya learns Italian :D
- 1st November, 2014 -

World Cat Show in Prague

World Cat Show always let us experience exceptional emotions and meet beautiful, best of best cats.

This year during WCS in Prague we showed Thaya, Thula and Raptor. As always the hotel room happened to be the most attractive place for cats - new nooks and crannies for playing and hiding.

After the day of judgement we were very tired and happy. Our babies Thaya and Thula had to compete in a group of 10 red kittens intended to breeding in recognized catteries and we got Ex2 (Thula) and Ex5 (Thaya). We believe that on World Show this is a very decent and promising result. Raptorek unfortunately lost to an extremely big and beautiful blue contender.

After the show we had to say good bye to Thaya who was taken to Italy by her new, wonderful owners.

Very boring preparations
Thaya shown by her new owner :)
Thula during very long and detailed judgement
Thaya in judge's hands
Thula in my hands during comparison
Thula in the hotel
Out cat babies playing in the hotel :)
- 9th September, 2014 -

Show in Wrocław

After a long summer break we have again started show season with Thula, Thaya and Raptor :)

During show in Wrocław Thula and Thaya behaved surprisingly relaxed in cage, on judge's table and in steward's hands. A cage happened to be a very comfortable place to sleep with their bellys up.

On first day Thula defeated her sister and some other decent cats to get Ex1 and BIV-total.

On sunday it was Thaya who snatched BIV and nomonation for Best In Show, where she lost by one vote to a beautiful maincoon.

Raptuś as usually found the show as an obligation associated with visiting us and possibility to play with so many cats. He got 2 nominations for BIS and was happy to come back home with his younger sisters :)

Welcome to the gallery.

Thaya "brzuchem do góry" ;)
Thula słuchająca oceny ;)
Thaya w panelu BIS
Raptorek w panelu BIS
Raptorek w pozycji "wolę na rękach" ;)
- 22 August, 2014 -

Our Tarantino in von Nebra cattery in Germany :)

Two weeks ago our Tarantino started new life in von Nebra Cattery :)

Happily for us Tarantino's new Owner regards breeding priorities in the same way as we do, cats are a part of the family - what is very important for us. From the first moment Tarantino felt as he had been born there and there was no problem in his joining the cat group. We find it very important. The whole litter has amazing tempers so we are very proud when new families appreciate it.

Happy life, Tarantino, my Sweet Teddy Bear :) and for new Owners - I wish Tarantino will fulfill your expectations both as a breeding male and also as a company :) All the best .. and I hope we will see in the future! :)

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