- 6th September 2013 -

Before the weekend :)

Hello ;)
Mummy! Play with me...
Why are you watching me?...
Maybe I should find some cats to play with
I can do it like my parents!
The best place
I can do it.. Im am a big girl
From time to time...
- 3th September 2013 -

Sonia's personality

Sonia is almost 6 weeks old. This is her character that is the most amazing: she is brave (with no fear to dogs), smart and reasonable. But first of all she loves playing with mummy's tail, sister's ears and uncles' whiskers ;) New pictures in her gallery :)

Like a charming witch ;)
"Dad" is telling something interesting :)
There is a time of feeding
And playing with mum
or.. biting her throat :D
.. watching TV..
... and time for photographer..
.. i will take a nap but will be ready to play after that...
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