- 11th November, 2013 -

Sonia in new home

I haven’t been written so long so I have some news to talk about :)

First of all our Sonia Una Voce is in her forever home living with another young NFO female. A dream solution for me, because girls quickly became friends and are under lovely care of new owners.

Sonia is living in our town so I hope to have the possibility of meeting her from time to time. Good luck and happiness, my Heart!

- 3rd October 2013 -

Sonia is searching new owners

Sometimes it happens - although new home for a kitten is chosen properly but a kitten cannot go there for some reasons. That's why our Sonia is searching new owners. She is ready to change home. Welcome to watch her pictures.

Her parents are healthy and tested for GSDIV, HCM, PKD, CIN, PK-Def, FELV, FIV and FeCoV.

If you are interested, please contact via e-mail or phone.

- 15th October 2013 -

Here are some pictures of our 3 months old child :)

Sleepy child?
Really sleepy?
Ravel's fun
Play with me
Lady ;)
Sleeping lady
Thieves ;)
Can I run?
I know I am beautiful
- 25th September 2013 -

Wonderful female kitten for breeding and show in Milanor*PL

Hot recommendation! If you are looking for a perfect female kitten for breeding and show, please look at Ortrun Milanor*PL.

Perfect body, breathtaking pattern, excellent expression and lovely temper! Direct contact with the breeder: Milanor*PL and telephone: +48 606 283 128.

Lovely expression, isn't it?
Perfect NFO with bushy tail!
Sunny girl :)
When I want to get something I watch in this way ...
Where are other cats?
Loves catruns as all NFO :D
Yes.. I know I am a big girl!
I would jump down of you played with me!
Ortrun on the show!
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