- 24th October 2013 -

Crazy Sonia in action

Oh! yes! Just adore me :)
Let play!
Sonia with patient sister
Do you have something to eat?
And maybe a little bit?
Lovely crazy kitten ;)
Sonia with uncle Morgul ;)
- 17th September 2013 -

Kitten's adventures :)

Sonia is about 8 weeks old and is exploring the house not only in horizontal but also in vertical direction ;) You can see some her new skills on pictures below or in the gallery.

Catree lover
Too far to the floor
The lesson of jumping down
Play with uncle
Play with mum
Sonia.. be kind for your mum! ;)
Sister lets Sonia bite her ears
Mother in such a good condition
Uncles ready to play
- 10th September 2013 -

Raptor Una Voce - first show & great success

Last weekend Raptor Una Voce received BEST IN SHOW in cat show in Glogow. It was a great success because as a very young but adult cat Raptor competed more adult and entitled cats.

It was Morgule (Viljar) who was taken as kid keeper ;) Although Morgul got next certificate and became PREMIOR he will not be taken any more. You can see why on some funny pics from the show.

Great time, great emotions and just pure pride :) Huge thanks and congratulation to Raptor's owners! :)

During judgement :)
Best In Show - Raptor The Winner :)
The winner in owner's arms :)
Okey, let's go home just now!
- 6th September 2013 -

Before the weekend :)

Hello ;)
Mummy! Play with me...
Why are you watching me?...
Maybe I should find some cats to play with
I can do it like my parents!
The best place
I can do it.. Im am a big girl
From time to time...
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