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Tobago z Alinatu*PL

International Champion

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You cannot own Tobago... You can however belong to Tobago and still consider it a unique gift of fate :) His personal charm disarms almost everyone. The remaining are convinced by his great presence and proud though nostalgic look.

Tobago joined us as an adult, 3 years old male, but quickly adapted to new home and became the lord of the cattery. With his sons Tobago makes harmonious trio of caress lovers always running out to greet the guests. Although it is a lazy cat and a sleepyhead it comes alive when the house is full of kittens ready to play.

Tobago is a big cat with sturdy body structure and thick coat. It has perfectly located, large and broad at the base ears with long tufts. Undoubtedly his children inherit his traits, girls are fabulously 'painted' and some share also its captivating look :)

Alina, thank you for your confidence and the priviledge to live with him!


1.08.2016 - Tobago was my biggest love. I have never loved any animal so much before him and will never do. I had bought 2 his sons (Vemund & Viljar Ice Moon) before I had started breeding. When I started breeding Tobago was the first male I asked for mating. After that we decided with his breeder and owner Alina that Tobago will stay with us forever. My dream came true. What I have the best in my cattery I own to Tobago and I am deeply thankful to Alina who let Tobago live with us. I still cannot talk about it without big emotions. We have just received result of the autopsy - Tobago's state was terminal and nothing could help Him. There is no treatment. I have read all I have found but he even didn't have the majority of symptoms. My biggest Love Tobago z Alinatu*PL has passed away on 1st August, 2016 of lymphoma lymphocyticum (cancer of lymph nodes in lungs).

What I want you to remember is that I strongly believe that Tobago was happy with us, He loved to be hugged and kissed. I missed him so much. Nothing will be the same and life reminded us that happiness is not for ever.

status:  neutered male

color: NFO e 09 - cream with white

born: 05.05.2009 - 1.08.2016  z Alinatu*PL

mother: Rante z Alinatu*PL (d 09 23)

father: IC B*Titran’s Leonardo (a 23)


in our cattery: Litter "P", Litter "R", Litter "S"
in other catteries: Ice Moon*PL, Leśny Skrzacik*PL

test results: 

GSDIV - neg/neg,
PK-Def - neg/neg,
FELV, FIV - neg,
HCM - normal (10.2012),
PKD, CIN - neg. (10.2012)


Date Location Judge Result
2013.03.10 Praga, 1.OK Veikko Saarela Ex 1, CAGCIB
2013.03.09 Praga, 1.OK Sebastian Pruchniak Ex 1, CACIB
-> International Champion
2010.11.21 Warszawa, EKKR / A. Leciejewska Alfred Wittich Ex 1, CACIB
2010.11.21 Poznań, CCB / A. Leciejewska Hanne Sophie Sneum Ex 2
2010.11.20 Poznań, CCB / A. Leciejewska Raymond Saetre Ex 1, CACIB
2010.09.19 Bydgoszcz, CCB / A. Leciejewska Berta Nemcova Ex 1%
2010.09.18 Bydgoszcz, CCB / A. Leciejewska Dieter Filler Ex 1, CAC, BIV
-> Champion
2010.05.02 Kościan, FP / A. Leciejewska Anne Paloluoma-Sundholm Ex 1, CAC
2010.05.01 Kościan, FP / A. Leciejewska Yan Roca-Folch Ex 1, CAC, NOM
2009.11.22 Poznań, FP / A. Leciejewska Francoise Milcent Ex 1
2009.11.21 Poznań, FP / A. Leciejewska Raymond A.Saetre Ex 1

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