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Grand International Champion

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A cat meant for us ("the chosen one") with thick fur, strong condition and wonderful personality admired not only by us but by cats also, agile like a panther that reaches every summit even those inaccessible for other cats, always ready to play. She resembles Marylin Monroe by the way she is watching ;) At a glance she makes people enchanted. Our Dragon Lady starts murmuring at first sight!

status:  female

color: NFO n 09 - black with white

born: 14.09.2010  Adsum*PL

mother: CH Idalia Atlas*PL /n 22/

father: GIC D*Murphy’s Sydney /a 09/

litters: Litter "P", Litter "R", Litter "S"

test results: 

GSDIV: neg/neg
FELV, FIV - neg.
PK-Def - neg/neg
HCM - normal (12.2012, 04.2014)
PKD - normal (12.2012, 04.2014)
CIN - neg (12.2012)


Date Location Judge Result
2014.01.26 Berlin, DEKZV e.V. Karl Preiss Ex 1, CAGCIB -> Grand International Champion
2014.01.25 Berlin, DEKZV e.V. Lene Glem Ex 1, CAGCIB
2013.11.09 Poznań, FP Britta Busse Ex 1, CAGCIB
2013.04.07 Kościan, FP Daria Łukasik Ex 1, CAGCIB
2013.04.06 Kościan, FP Sebastian Pruchniak Ex 1, CAGCIB
2013.03.10 Praga, 1.OK Hanne Sofie Sneum Ex 1, CAGCIB, NOM
2013.03.09 Praga, 1.OK Maria Rechowicz Ex 1, CACIB, NOM
-> International Champion
2013.03.05 Brzeg, CCW Marek Chadaj Ex 1, CACIB
2012.01.29 Legionowo, EKKR Anne-Gro Edstrom Ex 1, CACIB
2012.01.28 Legionowo, EKKR Henry Hornell Ex 1, CAC -> Champion
2011.08.28 Opole, CCW / M. Chmielewska Eiwor Andersson Ex 1, CAC
2011.08.27 Opole, CCW / M. Chmielewska Steven L. Jones Ex 1, CAC

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