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Vemund Ice Moon*PL

Grand International Premior

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Morgul brother of the same wonderful nature and kindness. Seems to run first then to think. Always takes for granted that every man approaching him is going to play. Loves sleeping close to warm things: cats, dogs, people and heated floor (his favourite activity is to flatten himself on the floor in a pudding like manner). Likes dogs, especially our big german shepard Dżina. Not as much appealing as Morgul he paws girls awkwardly but gets hits on the nose in return. Kasia - thanks a lot!

status:  female

color: NFO a 09 (blue with white)

born: 06.08.2010 Ice Moon*PL  

mother: Claudia Cardinale Agpamis*PL /ns 09/

father: IC Tobago z Alinatu*PL /e 09/


test results: 

GSDIV - neg/neg;
HCM - normal (12.2012),
PKD, CIN - neg. (12.2012)


Date Location Judge Result
2016.10.29 Wiedeń, World Show Martin Šanda Ex 1, CAPS, NOM
2016.10.02 Wrocław, CCW Hanne Sopie Sneum Ex 1, CAPS, NOM, BOS
2016.10.01 Wrocław, CCW Svetlana Stoliarova Ex 1, CAPS, NOM, BIS
2015.11.08 Poznań, FP Pam DelaBar Ex 1, CAPS, NOM
2015.11.07 Poznań, FP Eva Porat Ex 1, CAPS, NOM, BOS
2015.09.06 Wrocław, CCW Gerardo Fraga Ex 1, CAPS, NOM, BOS
2015.09.05 Wrocław, CCW Katia Pocci Ex 1, CAPS, NOM, BOS
2013.11.09 Poznań, FP Britta Busse Ex 1, CAGPIB, NOM, BIS -> Grand International Premior
2013.10.26 Aalborg (Denmark),
World Show
Hannah Jensen Ex 1, CAGPIB
2013.06.08 Kraków, KKF Satu Hämäläinen Ex 1, CAGPIB
2013.04.07 Kościan, FP Daria Łukasik Ex 1, CAGPIB
2013.04.06 Kościan, FP Sebastian Pruchniak Ex 1, CAGPIB
2013.03.10 Praga, 1.OK Hanne Sofie Sneum Ex 1, CAGPIB, NOM, BIS
2013.03.09 Praga, 1.OK Maria Rechowicz Ex 1, CAPIB, NOM
-> International Premior
2012.12.01 Warszawa, EKKR Aase Nissen Ex 1, CAPIB
2012.01.29 Legionowo, EKKR Anne-Gro Edstrom Ex 1, CAPIB, BIV, NOM, BIS
2012.01.28 Legionowo, EKKR Henry Hornell Ex 1, CAP -> Premior
2011.12.04 Warszawa, EKKR Dietmar Sagurski Ex 1, CAP
2011.12.03 Warszawa, EKKR Květoslava Mahelková Ex 1, CAP, NOM, BIS

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